The Bagg’s Square Association has announced their sixth annual Bagg’s Square Neighborhood Awards. The awards will celebrate the people and businesses that have shaped the neighborhood in the past, are currently advocating and moving it forward, and/or are raising awareness to help us reach our goal to become a desirable, mixed use neighborhood. They are currently seeking nominations. Nominations can be submitted online below by Tuesday, January 21st. Judging will be held the following week and winners will be announced at the Association’s annual meeting on Tuesday, February 4th 2020.

The three award categories are:

The Bagg's Square Legacy Award

Presented to an individual who has:

  • contributed to the neighborhood in a significant way in the past
  • been a long time neighborhood supporter, and/or
  • spearheaded a project or has run a business that has had a lasting impact on the neighborhood

Neighborhood Advocate Award

Presented to an individual who is currently:

  • working on a project, event, business or cause that is advancing the neighborhood
  • an advocate for the neighborhood’s growth and success
  • exemplifying neighborhood collaboration and support
  • helping to promote the neighborhood

Business of the Year Award

Presented to a business located in Bagg’s Square that:

  • adds to the economic vitality, culture and overall feel of the neighborhood
  • helps bring positive awareness to the neighborhood

To submit a nomination letter or for more information, please contact board member Marianne Reynolds
at 315-724-7677 or by email at or use the form below.

Nomination Form:

Previous winners are:


Legacy Award: Rachael Hamlet;
The Neighborhood Advocate Award: Vinny Ficchi;
Business of the Year: Bagg’s Square Cafe


Legacy Award: Joe Bottini;
The Neighborhood Advocate Award: Beth Irons;
Business of the Year: Kids Oneida.


Neighborhood Advocate: Frank Elias;
Legacy Award: Douglas B. Preston;
Business of the Year: A&P Master Images.


Legacy Award: Doug Preston;
Neighborhood Advocate Award: Frank Elias;
Business of the Year: A&P Master Images;


Legacy Award: Nicolas Calogero;
Neighborhood Advocate Award: Made in Utica;
Business of the Year: Utica Bread;


Legacy Award: Frank Prybycien;
Neighborhood Advocate Award: Lynne Mishalanie;
Business of the Year: Utica Coffee Roasting Company.